Pub Theology is an opportunity to gather in a public space to discuss theology, life, and faith. This opportunity give us an ability to explore the deeper questions of theology, life and faith.

We gather in a public space, like so many before us. For centuries, the curious mind has gathered to have discussions outside of the church. People feel freer to ask those difficult questions and are willing to listen to others.

Our priest has been leading this kind of discussions for several years. He brings interesting quotes, articles, ideas and various thoughts to explore. He has been known to ask some difficult questions that causes one to think, rethink or discover a new perspective.

There have been many who have joined these discussions who have done the same thing. Challenging us to explore life and faith in new ways.

So the concept is easy. Join us at a community table, order a beverage of your choice and maybe even an appetizer or meal as we ponder.

Bring a friend, ride with a friend, come by yourself.

We meet on the 3rd Tuesday, of each month, at 7 p.m. at Senior Pablo’s, 801 East Dewey Ave, in Sapulpa on Historic Route 66.