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Servcie Schedule

Sunday, March 20th

8 a.m. In Person and 10:30 a.m. in person and on Facebook via Livestreaming.

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at the “Good Shepherd Episcopal Sapulpa Channel”

We Welcome You….

Good Shepherd Episcopal Church welcomes you.

We welcome you with open arms even…..

If you have some extra baggage. If you have a couple of faults, and your not happy with them. We welcome you if you wear funny clothes, or shoes for that matter. We welcome you even if your skin color doesn’t match the rainbow, but you love rainbows anyway. We welcome your ideas (crazy or not, but without snakes, hopefully). We welcome the frustrations or angst you may have been struggling where you currently worship. We welcome you regardless of your sins, for we might have a few too (but please, let us not compare). We welcome your understanding of the Bible. We welcome your lack of understanding of the Bible. We welcome your willingness to dance and your willingness to sing (in tune or not, please just sing). We welcome you to praise God, to pray, and to meditate. We welcome you if you feel broken, joyful, or hopeless. We welcome you if your wondering and looking for a church home. We welcome you to join us at church, at a restaurant or at the bar. We welcome you to feel the love we are willing to share.

We welcome you to bring the one you love…no matter who that might be, (snakes, maybe not).

Good Shepherd Episcopal Church

Welcomes you,


And that does not end the story, but rather it begins the journey of love in the Jesus Movement of the Episcopal Church.

  • Our services are at 8 a.m. and 10:30 a.m.
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We welcome you….

Good Shepherd Episcopal Church would like to invite you to visit our community. We are a welcoming and affirming congregation.




A Member of the Sapulpa Chamber,
because we love our neighbors and we want to continue to support this community.